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Home inspection in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, the Bronx, Westchester and surrounding areas. @ Olympian Home Services – OlympianCares.com, our clients thank us for the thorough pre-purchase home, condo, co-op, loft and apartment inspection services we provide.  We have uncovered what would have resulted in unwanted and costly surprises for countless prospective home, condominium and coop apartment buyers:

  • Cracked foundations

  • Hidden building sections with little support

  • Termite damage totaling many thousands of dollars

  • Defective heating and air conditioning systems

  • Leaky roofs and leaks through walls

  • Environmental hazards such as Stachybotrys Mold

  • Hazardous electrical aluminum and lead wiring

  • Inadequate water pressure

  • Drainage problems

  • Fire hazards

  • Major, hidden structural fire damage

  • 1000’s of potential problems are searched for during our routine inspections

 Hire An Independent Company

  • Hiring an independent company stacks the odds in your favor.

 We are the # 1 Independent Company!

  • Our inspections on an average sized property of up to around 2000 square feet, average around 2 hours and are the most honest and thorough inspections available.

  • Our reports, ready in a timely manner, are computer typed, not computerized, use layman’s terms so you and your attorney will understand everything – no secret lingo!!!

  • Our inspections run from the foundation to the roof; even if you are only purchasing a unit, we always like to see the common elements of the building and accessible major systems. and always include a licensed termite inspection ($150 value), a visual inspection for asbestos siding, pipe insulation and boiler covering, and notice about suspected mold & lead based paint hazards. Watch our detailed home Inspection Brooklyn Video and here is another one for Mold Inspection NYC and environmental concerns.

As another added bonus clients will receive a coupon good for 10% off at LOWE’S good for up to up to a $5,000 purchase, that’s a $500 savings; it’s like getting the inspection for free.

  • *offer may be terminated by Lowe’s without any notice

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Your Home Inspection Will Include

Structure and Foundation: Regardless of whether the property in question is a condominium, co-op, private home, multi-family structure or a commercial building… certainly one of the most important aspects of any inspection is to make sure that the premises are not revealing any significant indications of structural and or foundation failure. Clearly this type of issue is one which you would want to be informed about prior to purchase.

Plumbing: Our comprehensive plumbing inspection will cover everything that you would expect and more. We will inspect and report on issues with regard to water pressure, slow drains, active leaks, corrosion of supply and waste lines, plumbing related flooding, evidence of sewer backups and even comment and report of the actual condition and types of plumbing in place when we feel the information provided will be relevant.

Electrical: The electrical aspect of the inspection will include checking all of the accessible electrical outlets for proper wiring configurations, searching for defective outlets, operation of all accessible switches, verifying whether or not there is an average / adequate supply to the home, building or apartment and making certain the power is being properly distributed by means of adequately sized panels and circuits. We will advise you if we take note of industry known faulty or defective electrical components and we will of course recommend upgrades where safety is a concern as well.

Termites: While a termite inspection is not required of a home inspector by law, it only makes sense that if we are to be relied on for valuable insight about any subject property, that we also provide and conduct a termite inspection at no additional charge. We carry a separate license / credential to make this available for all of our clients to ensure true peace of mind that you are getting a seriously thorough home inspection.

Heating: Whether it is central heating or a boiler, it is our duty to evaluate and report on the systems. We always try to obtain additional data such as the age of the equipment and lend our opinion as to the potential remaining life expectancy. In season, and provided required utilities are operational, we will always attempt to obtain a working demonstration of these systems as well.

Air Conditioning: Central air conditioning systems are always checked in season as well. We will assess existing components and attempt to obtain a working demonstration of the units. An attempt to determine age and remaining life expectancy is always part of our assessment.

General Interior: The interior of the home or building will be evaluated for all of the basics as well. These items can include walls, ceilings, flooring, stairways, windows, doors, workmanship (new constructions), and more.

General Exterior: The exterior inspection will include inspecting of all public walkways, driveways, parking lots, grounds, grading of the land, porches, balcony’s, decks, stairways, the exterior finish on the structure, visibly accessible lentils at window / doors, and even fencing and trees to an extent.

Roofing: Pitched roofing is normally examined from the interior underside, ground level, additions, windows, and any angle where we can ascertain the condition, installation and wear / tear on the surface. Flat roofing is typically examined from the surface level as long as there is a safe egress onto the roof such as a vented skylight, roof hatch door or one story access.

Attic: With structures containing accessible attic space, we will get an additional look under the roofing material, we will be able to observe how well the top level ceiling is insulated, we can search for fire damage, we may spot vermin such as squirrels and or racoons, we will alert you of suspicion of mold, we will inspect and HVAC equipment as well as plumbing components such as the main plumbing system vents.

Environmental: Throughout the inspection you can rest assured that we will also be raising red flags where applicable with regard to visible and suspected asbestos containing materials… this can be spotted in flooring, as insulation on heating pipes, as siding on the exterior of the structure, in very old roofing materials and other items as well. Additionally we will advise you of suspected presence of lead based paint hazards and visible mold or conditions conducive to mold growth.

Additional Services: As a full service home and building inspection company, we also have available to our clients various important services which you may desire to have performed either during your initial home inspection or perhaps afterwards. These services include mold testing, water testing, radon testing, expert witness, custom reports, individual roof inspections and even infrared thermography examinations.

The aforementioned is barely a short list of what is covered during one of our standard home and building inspections performed routinely for our valued clients. Regardless of whether you are buying an apartment, condo, building, commercial space or whatever your need, we can certainly meet your inspection requirements and expectations. To learn more or to schedule your home inspection for a property that you are concerned about, simply contact us to either schedule an appointment for for a detailed consultation 7 days a week. We service Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and Long Island.

Do you need a condominium inspection and how does it differ from a general home inspection?

The short answer, is obviously yes! Regardless of whether you are investing in a private home, a commercial building, a condo or a co op apartment… You will definitely be needing a home inspection if you intend to avoid the potentially costly mistake of not doing so.

While earlier in this post we went over what one can expect of our thorough home inspections, we wanted to address how a pre-purchase home inspection can differ from a condominium apartment inspection.

Your Condo Inspection Walk-through:

It typically starts from the time we arrive at the building, beginning with a good initial look over the exterior. This will usually include the grounds, the walkways, hand railings, stairways, masonry and brick work. Essentially that part is a valuable component of the structural inspection. Significant cracks in any masonry surface are taken note of as we proceed with the rest of the inspection.

Meeting places tend to be either the front of the building or the lobby, where a lobby exists. At that point in time we usually like to get a tour of the common and not so common elements of the building.

The areas within the building of most concern include:

Electrical Room:

Gaining access to the electrical room enables us to assess exactly how much electrical power is designated to the unit you are about to buy. We will also make observations such as for obvious electrical wiring hazards and perhaps we may note that other neighboring apartments made significant upgrades to their electrical supply, while yours is undersized and original from when the building was initially constructed.

Plumbing Room:

Gaining access to the building’s main plumbing supply room will enable us to assess the condition and age of the plumbing system. We can identify old lead plumbing, excessive humidity and or leaks that need attention and perhaps a mold problem that may have occurred due to poor maintenance in this area of the building.

Boiler Room:

Gaining access to the boiler room isn’t always possible, however it is another area of concern that we like to address. We can assess the age and the condition of the boiler, make observations of plumbing or even oil leaks, take note of gas leaks where applicable and look for fire hazards, carbon monoxide hazards, chimney issues and even vermin such as rats and mice.

Parking Garage:

The parking garage of a building is also a desirable place to inspect. Items that tend to be uncovered and or observed during the inspection of this segment of the building include the actual parking space which may accompany the purchase of the apartment, major structural supports of the building, whether it is sanitary, whether vermin and pests exist and lastly whether or not there is an issue with water, moisture, mold and even ventilation.

Building Roof Top:

While not always accessible, having the opportunity to professionally inspect the roofing surface for roof blisters, wear and tear, leaks, hazards, parapet walls, plumbing penetrations, the chimney and more, can really complete the picture as to how well the building is maintained and as to whether or not the future holds undesirable expensive surprises.

Laundry Room:

In buildings with laundry rooms it is a good safety measure to have a professional check to ensure that connections are in tact, check that there are no plumbing or moisture issues like excessive humidity, and ultimately make sure things are the way they should be, including looking out for visible mold and other environmental concerns that we commonly discover during our home inspections all week long.


While conducting the home inspection on your behalf, we will certainly be on the lookout for mold, mold problems and conditions conducive to mold growth. Of course this includes within the actual apartment regardless of whether it is a condominium or a co-op apartment.


Asbestos is a dangerous cancer causing material that is no longer used in construction practices on a wide scale if at all. Various forms are still commonly found within homes and buildings built during and prior to the 1980’s. These commonly noted asbestos containing materials include friable heating pipe insulation (found in both basement areas and within apartment living areas), old flooring tiles and boiler or oil tank fireproofing / insulation. Asbestos is extremely dangerous and extremely costly to abate. An abatement in a rather large building can often cost enough to bankrupt the budget. Likewise a law suit within the building in regards to asbestos being present and or neglected can also bankrupt the building.

Lead Based Paint:

While it is a given that if the building where you are about to purchase either a condominium apartment or a co-op apartment is built prior to 1979, lead based paint will be in existence unless there was a documented professional wide scale lead abatement. Current information remains the same in that as long as the walls and painted surfaces are well maintained and not disturbed, there are little to no risks of exposure. It is when old windows and doors were never replaced and are maintained poorly, that the underlying layers of paint that contain the lead, are able to get released from the wall in the form of lead paint dust or lead paint chips. While those aren’t the only ways to become exposed to lead based paint, they are the more common ways. During your home inspection we will do our very best to educate you on these things so that you can be aware of vulnerable locations within your new home as well as throughout the building common spaces.

Within Your Apartment / Condo:

Ok, so now that we addressed the countless reasons why you as a condominium buyer or co op apartment buyer also need a complete and thorough home inspection. While the components and need may seem different, it is the best way to obtain peace of mind and really know what you are buying and so that you know you are not buying a home simply based upon face value. Within your apartment, we will continue to be very thorough and will check everything from floors and ceilings to plumbing and electrical systems. We will check electrical outlets for proper wiring configurations and plumbing fixtures and faucets for active leaks, slow drains and more. We will often run appliances for a short cycle as long as you obtain advance permission from the responsible parties prior to the inspection. We will check windows, doors, fire safety and more. We intend to leave no stone unturned!

Your Written Report:

Similar to a general home inspection, you will receive in a timely manner and totally comprehensive home inspection report covering every aspect of the inspection. Issues will be highlighted and explained in detail where necessary. While we do not like to rush our reports we completely understand that time is often of the essence when it comes to real estate transactions and that is why we rarely ever need more than 72 hours to complete one of our comprehensive reports and quite often only need 24 hours. Turnaround time will vary and is based upon the findings during the inspection as well.

While we have been servicing clients since 1991 we want you to know that we value your business and understand that this may very well be a once in a lifetime investment for you. Regardless of whether you are buying a one family home or a small condo or co-op apartment or perhaps a 10,000 square foot condominium valued at millions of dollars,,, no home should go into contract (unless of course the contract allows for an inspection) without first making certain that everything meets your expectations. We really hope our home inspection writeup has helped you understand the importance and value of hiring a qualified and licensed home inspection firm to help you out when you need it most.

We provide our comprehensive home inspection services throughout NYC, including Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx and Long Island. Don’t hesitate to call us for a complete and comprehensive phone consultation to learn more about our home and mold inspection services. We have performed inspections in just about every neighborhood on the map including Bay Ridge, Canarsie, Park Slope, Fort Greene, Bensonhurst, Sunset Park, Bushwick, Williamsburg, Long Island City, Flushing, Rego Park, Floral Park, Howard Beach, Springfield Gardens, Jamaica, Eltingville, Todt Hill, Valley Stream, Hempstead, Glen Cove, Port Washington, Times Square, Midtown, Gramercy Park, Tribeca, Harlem, Soho, Chelsea, Greenwich village, East Village, Upper West Side… and the list goes on. There is nothing that we haven’t done or seen at this point in time. So regardless of where your new home is located, we have probably worked next door or down the road for your future neighbor. Hiring the best and most thorough home inspection company around really stacks things in your favor.